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Fee Scale & Terms


It is extremely difficult to accurately gauge the cost of different

treatments and yet this is a crucial factor in provision, especially

at times of economic constraint. Where studies have been

reported, and taking account of the costs of treatment up to

two years after the completion of therapy, Systemic family and

couple therapy has been found to be no more costly, and often

substantially less costly than other therapies. Research reviewed,

such as Leff et al (2000) and the major approaches to adolescent

drug and conduct problems, has consistently found lower costs

than alternative treatments especially when these

alternatives are ineffective.

Cost effectiveness
Cost effectiveness

Fee Scale

Pinner Rates

Individuals (50 min session)


Couples and more than one in the room (50 min session)


Individuals (1.5 hours)


Couples and more than one in the room (1.5 hours)


Zoom Fees

Individuals (50 min sessions)


Couples (50 min sessions)


Fees for Court Work

Initial Consultation in the Pinner office for individuals (1.5 hours)


Initial Consultation for couples and families in Pinner Office (1.5 hours)


Follow-up Consultation in the Pinner office for individuals (50 min sessions)


Follow-up Consultation in the Pinner office for couples and families (50 min sessions)


Consultations out of office (Per hour)


Administrative Rates

E-mail/Fax correspondence (Per e-mail receive/send)


Telephonic communication (Per 15 minutes)


SMS communication (Per SMS)


Reading of relevant documentation/literature/material (Per hour)


Report writing (Per hour)


Letter writing (Per 15 minutes)



Scheduling of appointments


The client takes full responsibility (1) to schedule appointments (2) follow up appointments (3) to prepare for these appointments (4) to hand all relevant documentation to Andre to develop insight into the problem/case matter.The client takes full responsibility to cancel appointments two days in advance. If an appointment is scheduled for a Monday, the appointment needs to be cancelled on the Friday before 12:00 midday. If the client does not adhere to this cancellation policy, the client will be liable for full payment of the booked intervention.The client takes full responsibility to complete the intervention process. When a client decides to terminate the intervention/do not complete the course/miss scheduled appointments the client will not reimbursed.

Andre reserves the right to be selective respecting clients taken into consultation.

Financial matters

To secure your booking and intervention process with Andre full payment needs to be received:
   •    By means of electronic transfer before the scheduled appointment and proof of payment needs to be send directly.
   •    With forensic services, the clients shall pay for the initial session, a statement will be sent to the client after the initial meeting with the future structure of service delivery. The statement needs to be settled by means of electronic transfer within 3 days of receipt of statement and proof of payment needs to be mailed to

Note that medical aid societies do not pay for assessments, programmes and forensic service delivery. Forensic work is in principle not a medical problem and therefore is not claimable from your medical aid society.  Only some therapeutic work is partially claimable from the medical aid society depending on the society and the plan.  Andre does not take any responsibility in the involvement of submitting statements to the medical aid of if reimbursement takes place as this is a cash practice.


Reports are seen as confidential and will be treated as a confidential document. Reports are not allowed to be copied and distributed without Andre’s the consent.

In principle Andre does not commence with report writing if the account is not settled in full.  No report will be handed to any party if full payment has not been received for the intervention process and the report writing and any other services delivered. Reports shall be handed to all parties directly and if needed indirectly involved within the intervention process.  As reports can become a controversial issue – of whom shall see the report, to who will the report be handed etc. Andre hands the report to all parties involved that everyone has the opportunity to prepare themselves for court, further intervention etc.  It is advised that parties within intervention e.g. divorce related matters, sexual abuse matters or any other matter agree between themselves to split the bill. However if only one party takes responsibility for the account e.g. the referral source or is forced in a position to settle the account, reports will still be handed to all parties not just the paying party.

Andre can at no time get involved with regard to the clients financial matters e.g. speak to one of the parents/parties to pay for intervention.

Andre’s recommendations within a report are final and are not open for negotiation.

Reports will be personally handed to/electronically transferred to the client and/or couriered to their legal counsel. Alternatively a meeting will be scheduled with all involved parties or necessary parties and the report will be discussed with the parties.Transparent process

Be cognisant that Andre follows a transparent process and that all parties involved in matter shall be informed with regard to the stance of intervention.

Termination of intervention

Andre holds the right to terminate an intervention at any given time on the following grounds:
   •    When clients conduct themselves poorly within consultation such as screaming, shouting, swearing etc.
   •    When Andre feels intimidated, threatened or manipulated by the client or legal counsel.
   •    When Andre feels uncomfortable with the ethics or motive of the client.
   •    When clients do not adhere to the guidelines of payment.

Clients will not be reimbursed for intervention that has taken place up to this point of termination and 20% of the retainer will be kept to finalise the process/for administrative work/  and to close the case and/or make referrals.

Telephonic and mail correspondence

Andre does not consult by means of phone. Consultation will take place within a face-to-face scheduled consultation. Correspondence and organisation of appointments takes place via e-mail.  Preferred method of communication is e-mail for the purpose of record keeping.

Disclosure of information

Within a matter where abuse comes to the fore or a child is being victimised by any party, Andre reserves the right to immediately take further steps in reporting the matter to Child Protection/The Police or any other form of authority.If a child/adult is a danger to themselves or to others Andre will immediately take the necessary action without the permission of a child/parent/other adult.

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